Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Through Someone Else's Eyes

It is a snow day. No school. A four day weekend for the kids.


For them...

For me? Not so much!

Although I am secretly happy to have them home for another day, I am not as excited about another storm. Storms mean concern for what there is to eat in the house; concern that we might lose electricity for several days, which has happened for the past 2 years; storms mean unsafe traveling and my husband who travels 35 miles each way to work.

But in their eyes, it is a day of play; a day of fun; a day to be home with Mom.


But something happened this morning. I made a conscience decision to look through their eyes for the day.

To Stop. Remember what it was like on a snow day. Remember how simple life was as a child and how simple it is supposed to be. Remember what adults sometimes forget.


Ironically, the prompt for Picture Winter today was "Center of Attention." Funny how irony happens!

Although every day they are the center of my attention because of schedules, meals, homework, etc., today I made them the center of my attention by giving them unlimited attention. We played outside. We built a house with Lego's. We watched a movie with the curtains drawn and the lights out (it was dark at 3:30).
I tried to look through their eyes.

Whether it is just to see a different perspective or it is to solve a problem, do you try to make a conscience decision to try and look through someone else's eyes?

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