Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Life Could be a Sitcom

Do you ever feel like your life could be a sitcom? Not just any old sitcom, but a long lasting sitcom? My previous posts have been about noticing the joy - the beauty. After I wrote one of my last posts, I reread some of my older posts and felt that it was a little "heavy" and felt that if anyone is actually reading this blog then I have some explaining to do.

Because you see, I am usually not this serious. I joke. I laugh. I play.

But, I have been married for almost 15 years, which is pretty much for my whole adult life (well almost). I am the mother of 3 children who are 11, almost 9, and 6. So basically for the last 15 years they have been my priority. They have been my joy, my sorrow, but mostly my laughter. There have been days that I had to laugh, because I would have cried. There have been days that I have cried. But there have been more times that I thought, I could write a book. My day to day life is funny. I usually laugh at the situations in my life (usually). The past year has been a difficult one and in addition to losing my way, my sitcom has been on hiatus.

When my friend made the comment that I should write a blog, it was because of a sitcom moment. I was laughing. I was carrying on with my antics. She was laughing. So when I refer to noticing and finding my joy, I am also reminding myself that I miss laughing at my sitcom. Hopefully some of the episodes will be on repeat and I will be able to share them with you.

Share the laughter.

Share my sitcom!

I wonder if CBS or ABC are looking for a new one!


  1. oh, gosh... you sound like my mom. she raised five kids. and she has said some of these very same things.

    i hope i can say these things some time... i want my life to be like a sticom. i want to laugh at the moments to come with a child on the way...

    right now, my life seems more like a drama... too many tears. not enough laughter. but it is why if we have a son, we want to name him isaac... because it means laughter, and we just had to laugh when God gave us a child we have been wanting for 10 years, but gave it to us when we were at our very worst point financially and job-wise. if that's not movie material, i don't know what is! i JUST have to laugh! God works in mysterious ways, i guess.

    love how you write.

    mostly, i stopped by to leave you this message that i am sending to all who commented on my p.w. photos...

    "just wanted to stop and say hello... i'm going through all the profiles of those who commented on my picture winter photos, and looking to see if they have blogs or flickr accounts {and if not, then sending an e-mail}... so that i can A) say thank you for the comments and feedback you gave me, and B) let them know i would love to stay in touch... especially to those who expressed interest in keeping up to date on what is happening with my pregnancy. since i can not remember all who asked, i thought i would just go through each profile and send a message. =)

    i'll be updating my blog periodically with baby news... just in case you are interested:

    thanks again for all your comments on p.w.! it was an inspiration to meet you and see your work! i hope to see more of it even though the class is over."

    i wish you all the best, sweet joy! i wish you continued joy, laughter and inspiration in all that you do... especially photography {creatively speaking}.

    hope to see you around often.


  2. Georgia! Thanks for posting on my blog. It really means a lot that you took time out of your day to read it and post a comment! I am glad we became virtual friend's through PW!