Thursday, January 27, 2011

Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess? Are you kidding me? A mess is supposed to be beautiful? Well, yes I guess it can be - if and only if....

You train yourself to think so.

My daughter is the Queen of the "beautiful mess." She is spunky, creative, and a beautiful almost 9 year old girl. She is also messy. She drops things all over the place - backpack on the stairs, boots under the breakfast bar, coat on the chair, etc. You get the picture. She is also the girl who plays with everything at the same time.

Generally I see her mess as just that - a mess. I see disorganization. I see disaster. But the other day on Picture Winter the prompt was Beautiful Mess. I knew exactly where to go to get my shot. I knew that once the door swung open the "set" would be ready for me to begin shooting. It was a given.

As I got down on the floor to take a picture of what was there, I saw something different. I saw her mare and foal standing side by side. Mother and Baby. I saw her "play" set that she spent the afternoon creating still taped to the wall. The memory of her having her father, brothers, and I sitting on the bed while she read her play sprang into my mind. I saw beauty. I saw creativity. I saw her.

I need order to function. She needs space to create. I need things to be put in their place. She needs to see it, touch it, and play it. This prompt made me see her for who she is. My beautiful mess and today I appreciate it!

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