Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Different Kind of Story

My routine is always the same.

Drop everyone off and call her for a 2 minute telephone call. My best friend.
We can cover a lot in 2 minutes. We can change each other’s mood in 2 minutes. We can brighten each other’s day. I know her. She knows me. We know each other.

This morning as she laughed at my antics she said, “You should write a blog.”
I quietly contemplated telling her. You see, no one knows about my blog. I haven’t told anyone. I posted it on Picture Winter, so the only people who know about it are those who click on my profile and discover it. I haven’t shared this new piece of me.

Yesterday’s prompt on Picture Winter was “A Different Kind of Story.” A sharing place. A tell us something about you prompt. I found it so intriguing. A little peek into someone else’s life. I loved reading everyone’s descriptions. I loved the interpretation. I loved the sharing.

So today I shared with my best friend. When she said, “You should write a blog.” Although delayed, my response was, "Well actually I started one. But I am not ready to share it."
But that is silly, isn’t it.
I talk to her every day. I share all my stories with her, I mean ALL my stories. She knows my story. I know her story. Why would I want to “hide” this from her? Why would I want to keep something from my best friend?

Would she think it is corny? I know her, she wouldn’t.
Would she think I had gone off the deep end and am losing it? I know her, she wouldn’t.

Maybe – just maybe, it has nothing to do with her. Maybe I feel like I am not writing anything interesting? Nothing worth reading. But do I think she would think that? I know her, she wouldn’t.

She wouldn’t, because this is part of my story and she knows me.

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