Saturday, January 22, 2011


Everyday I wake up and can't wait to read the daily prompt. I jump out of bed and flip open the lap top. It is something to look forward to - a little present in the morning. Everyday I read the inspirational email and a photo pops into mind without a lot of contemplation. Most days I just go with that initial image.

Well on day 10 I was stumped. Absolutely blank.

Are you wondering what the prompt was?

Simple. It was "Seeking Balance."

It is a common term. I even think it is sometimes over used.

"I need to find balance."

"I need to balance work and family."

"I spend too much time running around. I need more balance."

So since Day 10 it has bothered me. Why can't I come up with a photo? Why isn't it just popping into my head like the others. I even started a post, but couldn't finish the entry. The more I thought about it, the more I thought about what balance means to me. And then it came to me. I think it is a choice. I think we chose how to spend our time and I think we chose to be unbalanced.

Let me explain.

If your child had a soccer game, would you say, "Sorry Johnny. We can't go to your game today. I have to go take photos for my class."

If your friend asked you to give them a ride to pick up their car that was in the shop, would you say, "Oh, I am sorry. I can't today. I am on my way to the gym."

Most of us just wouldn't respond this way. We would choose to take our child to their soccer game. We would choose to help our friend out. Still when it comes to doing something for ourselves we don't; therefore, becoming unbalanced.

Choosing to not take time to do things for myself causes me to be unbalanced. Doing too much of one thing causes me to be unbalanced. It is not about finding the time to do the things that keep me balanced, it is about taking the time - even if something else has to give. And if you are wondering. I still haven't taken a photo interpreting "Seeking Balance." When something strikes me as appropriate I will snap away!

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