Friday, January 14, 2011


Have you ever read the book Magic 1, 2, 3? Do you remember the part that talks about Sloppy PVF (Positive Verbal Feedback). Fluff. Appreciation. Noticing.

That is what we all want, right? Not just children - all of us.

We want others to notice when we are doing something good. We want others to appreciate what we do for them. We want others to NOTICE.

My almost 9 year old daughter has pointed out my lack of doing this on many occasions. Although I don't intend to do it, I point out what is wrong, what isn't positive, what isn't "perfect." She will often say to me, "Mom, it doesn't have to be perrffeecct." Although I like order and like things to get done "correctly", I really don't consider myself a perfectionist. My family, friends, and co-workers might disagree with that, but really I don't. I think the problem is my noticing. I notice what is wrong; not what is right. I am in need of an adjustment; a correction. I need to notice what is right. What do you notice?

Today's prompt was Beyond the Chill; looking for the magic beyond the icicles and snow. It was 18 degrees out and we are under a blanket of fresh snow, so I was not optimistic. There was no way I was going to find anything. But I did.

I noticed.

I found something I have never noticed before and it wasn't hard. I just looked and noticed. It was right in front of me; a tiny bouquet of golden flowers on a tree that was otherwise barren. What else am I missing by not noticing?


  1. just noticed you have a blog because i went to your p.w. profile so i could e-mail you! this is a neat space, and i love the red pattern background! i am always happy to discover a new blogger/photographer! looks like you are new to it! welcome to the blogosphere!

    glad i found your blog and this post. i resonated a lot with me today. you are so right, and i like what you pointed out about your daughter. i have my first little one due in june, and i want to practice from day one to be more noticing of the less than perfect side of him or her.

    one of the reasons i love photography is because it lets me do something people have always told me they NOTICED about me... that i appreciate the little, seemingly-insignificant things in life. i just hope i can carry that through with my children.

    it's been nice to get to know your work a little on p.w. and now i can also come see what you are up to on your blog even after p.w. is over! yay!

    have a great night.

  2. oh, by the way, this is georgia {aka jorjah-b on p.w.}