Monday, January 3, 2011

The Possibilities

So, today's prompt was about possibilities. I read the email this morning and was inspired. I was inspired to do what I have set out to do and look for the things that make my heart pitter patter; the things that bring me joy. But, I didn't find it. I got caught up in the day: getting back on a routine after vacation, getting to work, physical therapy, etc. By the time I reread the email it was after dinner and I wanted my day to be done. Done as in sit down, relax, and turn my brain off.
In hind sight there were several moments today that could have fallen into the endless possibility theme. My 6 year old chased his sister trying to get a kiss. My daughter dried her little brother's hair. I had a great massage, although painful at the time, at physical therapy.

Still the thing that ended up making me think about the possibilities was a cleaning spray. Yes, a cleaning spray. It was my last resort for possibility! Still, it isn't just any old cleaning spray. It is Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day counter spray. The scent is magnificent! I chose the lemon, but the basil and lavender must be just as delightful! You experience aromatherapy while cleaning. You accomplish two things at once - relaxing and tidying up! And if you know me, I like tidy; therefore, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day counter spray gives me endless possibilities to have a clean home!

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