Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Laptop Help?

My intentions were good, but sitting at the PC wasn't in the cards. But the beautiful shiny laptop I got for Christmas just might help. I am hoping to continue looking for Joy. Not counting - just making it a priority. Somewhere I read that bloggers were chosing a word this year, rather than making a new resolution. My word is Joy. I am going to look for it and hopefully find myself!

My joy for today was dinner with my husband and friends. For New Year's Eve we were able to go out without children, which doesn't happen often and enjoy adult time. We ate delicious food and spent time laughing. What is more joyful than laughter?

Friday, December 3, 2010

When You're Looking for Joy

When you are looking for joy, a funny thing happens. You find it! Because I am conscience of finding the things that make me happy, I am noticing them. This morning I told my 11 year old about my challenge. It was 6:20 AM and we were sitting on the couch before he had to leave for school. Yes, he has to be at the bus at 6:35 AM. So, I asked him if anything had happened so far that made him happy. He said, "Yes. You stayed with me." I asked what he meant and he said that it made him happy that I stayed in the bathroom and talked to him while he showered and then stayed with him while he got ready. Simple joy.

Well talking to him was my #4 joy. I love when our conversations are easy and when we are just talking about nothing imparticular. We spent a lot of time together today, because he had a doctor's appointment, so we got to chat all day! On the way home from his appointment my #5 joy occurred. He likes to sing a certain song to me. I don't even know the name of it, but one of the lines is "Girl your amazing, just the way you are." Funny, it seems like a 1st love kind of song, but my 11 year old son sings it to me.

The day continued on and I felt happy, joyful; my spirit was lifted. I even got a small cat nap (definitely #6 joy! I love cat naps). When my other children and husband got home, we made our plan for the evening, which included going to get our Christmas tree. This is one of my favorite things to do and although our tradition was different this year, because we weren't going to our local farm to cut it down. Farmer Craig didn't have any trees this year (sad).

#7 When we went looking for our Christmas tree there was a tree with berries on the branches. went over to the person at the stand and said, "I want this one!" Unfortunately, it was only a display, but he said the woman would take orders. Orders for a Christmas tree? The branches with holly berry had been hot glued to the individual branches!! I decided that if I really wanted a tree with berries, I could hot glue them on myself. Still, the tree made me smile - pure joy.

#8 Bryce could not wait to put the putting the train around the tree.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Have you ever heard of Sarah Markley? I have been following her blog for about a year. I am not even sure how I stumbled across her blog, but I am certainly happy that I did. There are days when I feel like Sarah is speaking directly to me. Like Sarah I am a mother of 3 small children (she has 2), but more importantly, like Sarah I am always trying to find good; find happiness; and find a way to appreciate all that I have been blessed with.

Yesterday, I opened her blog to read her post and saw that she was doing 100 Joys. Basically, for the month of December she is looking for the joys in her life. They are the joys that are right in front our faces, but we chose to ignore or not give as much attention to. Anyway, I decided to join Sarah in this journey. For the next 31 days (well 30, because I started a day late), I will stop ignoring the things that bring me joy and celebrate them. Whether they are big or small, I will begin to notice them all.

So, I began today and "noticed" small things that brought me happiness. I made a mental note and took pictures. Still, I am not uploading the pictures tonight. I am too tired to download the few hundred pictures on my SD card. But I will tell you the little things that brought me Joy today!

#1 My two youngest children helped me wipe the dishes after dinner. Not only did they help me, but I only asked once! They even worked as a team - one dried a little and the next one finished off the job!

#2 My puppy. Duncan brings this family so much Joy. He is the sweetest dog and we we all adore him. As the kids were wiping the dishes, Duncan was curdled up on his kitchen pillow. I can't wait to post the picture of him.

#3 My 11 year old called me after hockey. He heard his father say something to me about not feeling well. I am coming down with a cold. He asked if I was okay and if I needed anything. It melts my heart when he wants to take care of me.

Hmm. I only noticed 3 things today, but that is a start! I have 97 more things to notice over the next 29 days. I am hoping that by noticing joy that it will become a habit, and it will continue long after the 31 days is up!