Sunday, February 27, 2011

Self Portraits

Have you ever taken a self-portrait?  Turned the camera on yourself?

I am taking another workshop at and was tasked with taking a picture of myself.  I tried to do it a few weeks ago after admiring Georgia's portraits over at, but was not happy with the result.  So when I saw that I would have to try again, I was mixed with emotion.  I was happy to give it another go, but apprehensive that I wouldn't be satisfied yet again.

And I was right.

I took shot after shot.

I tried different spots in my bedroom.  (I had to hide in there, because I didn't want to explain myself to my husband or kids.)

I shot.

I deleted.

I processed in Photoshop.  and then...

I couldn't help but make fun of myself.

After posting my second shot, which is above, I went and spent sometime in the class gallery.  I saw how other people captured themselves and although I am truly not surprised, most had a hard time with it.  They took a lot of shots.  They deleted.  They used the healing tool in Photoshop.  And on the rare shot, they showed us themselves. 





I have to say that those are the shots I loved the most.  The ones that I felt really showed the woman.  Showed their strength.  Showed them, raw, natural, unaltered, and beautiful.  I find courage and strength from the woman that did.  I think it is beautiful and I thank you for sharing your raw natural beauty!


  1. Hi Joy,
    Thanks for checking out my blog. Last year I started taking a weekly self portrit of myself. Why? I'm not sure. I've never been particulary confident. Anyways, the weekly self portrait gave me a new found appreation for my body and who I am. I can be silly, confident, shy, unsure, sad, happy, thoughtfull and beautiful. I began looking at the girl in my self portraits with the same love and affection I have for my daughter.
    I just wanted to urge you to keep taking selfies. Your right they are hard, but it's totally worth the work.

  2. Thanks for leaving me a comment Trish! It is funny, because today I went on a hike with my 11 year old son and turned the camera on myself again. Although I can't say that I love them, I can say that with each shot it gets easier to look at me - flaws and all. Thanks for your encouragement! I will definitely keep trying.