Thursday, February 17, 2011

Acting Like Children

Sometimes we do things we shouldn't.

Sometimes we say things we shouldn't.

Sometimes we act exactly the way we tell THEM not to.

We act like children.



Not nice.

But what is our excuse? We are adults. We are supposed to know better; at least that is what we tell THEM. Don't touch that. Don't talk to me like that. Be nice to your sister. Think it through before you make a bad choice. Use your manners and talk politely. Don't annoy your brother.

Still, even as an adult I forget these basic principles sometimes. I act impulsive and say things that I later regret. I don't always say please and thank you. And I am not always nice. Still, I hold my children to a high standard and think that they should always do these things. Always think before they act. Always use their manners and talk with respect. Always be nice.

If I can't ALWAYS do it, how can they?

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