Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fate and Looking Back

I have so many drafts under my posts that I won't even bother to count.  But every once in a while I look back and read what I have written.  Look to see if anything has changed.  I wrote this post back in February.  I don't know why I never hit - publish post.  I don't know why I don't make decisions more often - set goals - move forward. 


Do you believe in fate? I say that I do, but then something happens that makes me question it. If I had made this choice this would have happened, but if I made a different choice this would have happened. Now, some call the choice fate; but right here right now, I am thinking it was all in that one decision.

I think that there are many forks in the road and that most times we stop at the fork and decide what is best for us at the time. We weigh our choices and gather advise, but when it all comes down to it, we just make a decision. I chose my fate many times, and in hind sight would have chosen the other road. I would have gone with my gut feeling, my intuition. So many times I have gone against that. I knew in my heart that the other road was the right one, but still chose the one that my head said to take.

I think we can grow and change until the day we die. I don't believe in the old saying, "You can't teach a new dog new tricks." I think that we can make that decision that our intuition is telling us to make and change our fate.

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