Wednesday, January 1, 2014

One Word 2014 - Family

I miss writing.  I miss using my camera.  I miss being creative.  Going back to work full-time over 2 years ago changed my family's life.  Some of the changes are good, like financial security and some of them not so good, like me not being home when they get home after school.  This year, I am making it about family.  Still, I am not focusing on the year, the week, or even the day.  I am focusing on the moments.  These moments will include the little things, like my 14 year old holding the door for his 11 year old sister or my 14 year old giving my 11 year old money for a birthday gift for her friend.  These are the moments that I will focus on this year.  The moments when family shines through.  When even if they say they don't like each other or me for that matter, I know we are family. 

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